Cooperative Center FCU at Festival Latino: Building Trust and Community


 Cooperative Center FCU at Festival Latino: Building Trust and Community

In the heart of Concord, Cooperative Center FCU participated in the Unity Council's vibrant Festival Latino, held at the Los Rancheros Supermarket Parking Lot, attracting over 10,000 attendees from Contra Costa County and beyond. Embracing the subtle yet powerful theme "Dreams Thrive Here," credit union staff connected with the community in a setting rich with live music, Ballet Folklórico, and the creative flair of local artisans.

The credit union’s outreach sought to bridge the gap of trust within the Hispanic community often wary of traditional financial institutions. By providing a welcoming space, staff fostered a dialogue about financial literacy and empowerment, without the overt pressure of marketing, acknowledging the challenges faced by many who are unbanked or victim to predatory lenders.

Reflecting “Concern for Community” Cooperative Center’s involvement offered support and education without direct sales pitches. This approach aligned with the Unity Council's mission of promoting social equity and enriching lives through community development.

Cooperative Center’s presence at the Festival Latino was a step towards altering the narrative around banking for the Hispanic community, showing that in a place where dreams are nurtured, financial stability and prosperity can thrive as well.

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