Reclaim the joy of the season — open a Holiday Club Account today! 



Key Features

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Earns Dividends*
  • Funds Disbursed Mid Nov**
  • Avoid holiday-induced debt and stress
  • Set aside little by little, year-round for holiday-related expenses
  • Make deposits at any time, in any amount you feel comfortable with

We all know they’re coming, and every year when July comes around suddenly the countdown to the holiday season starts. Ditch the stress, and next year’s debt, with a Holiday Club Account.  

According to industry reports the average household plans to spend $1,000 during the holidays on gifts, food, decorations etc. By scheduling weekly transfers of $25 to a Holiday Club Account beginning January 1st you’ll have saved $1,250.00 by the time your funds are disbursed in mid-November.

*The minimum deposit required for you to open a Holiday Club Account is $25. You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $100 in your account to obtain the Annual Percentage Yield stated on the Rate Schedule. You must have a $25 minimum daily balance to avoid closure as stated on the accompanying Rate and Fee Schedule.

**You may not make any withdrawals from your Holiday Club Account. All funds in the account will be disbursed to you on or around the second Friday in November. If a withdrawal is necessary, your account will be subject to a fee stated on the accompanying Rate and Fee Schedule and your account will be closed.