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Security Changes to Online Banking

On Wednesday January 22, 2020, we will be updating the security requirements to access online banking. In lieu of answering a security question, members will be prompted to provide a confirmation code either emailed or sent via text message. Please ensure that your email address and mobile number on file are up to date.

Two-factor authentication will occur once when accessing home banking from a new device, i.e., the first occurrence of logging into home banking from a computer, laptop, mobile device or tablet. The exception will be for those members who clear their cookies either after each browsing session or at the end of the day. In this instance members can expect to be presented with the two-factor authentication prompt each banking session.

In addition, we are implementing a confirmation code requirement anytime the “transfer to other member” option is attempted above the preset limit. 

If you need any assistance please contact our online banking help line at 510-845-6428 option 6 during normal business hours or email [email protected]. Additional FAQs are being developed as a reference and will be updated.